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Rawat Nursing College Jaipur

A Step towards Serving Nation

As quality health care is need of today so realizing the pressing need for trained nurses for expanding health care system and creating healthy environment, ‘Rawat Nursing College’ was established in 2008. The college is dedicated to provide student with the skills, knowledge and specialized training to succeed as qualified care givers in the field of nursing profession.

Here talented faculty works with devotion and maintains highest standards in teaching research and practice to face every challenge in Nursing field. We provide opportunities to our students for practical knowledge related to the course in various health center, hospitals, nursing, home clinics, and community agencies. We put our efforts to maintain the institution to an international level through exchange of faculty & students.

The students of the college are also deputed for training to other reputed local hospitals in Jaipur for specialized experience. The community Health experience is given in PHC at nearby village Bagru (Rural) and Bhankrota (Urban). Students actively participate in regular and camp activities of NSS unit of the college.

We welcome you all to Rawat Nursing College and help to achieve your carrier goals.

  • Talented faculty to help students to fulfill their Goals.
  • Well-equipped laboratories with modern Technological Gadgets.
  • Various opportunities for Employment.
  • Emphasis given on practical training.
  • Focus on inculcating human values.
  • Recognized by INC, RNC, Govt. of Raj. & RUHS.
  • Skill Based Education.
  • Collaboration with well known hospitals and clinics.
  • Focus on over all personality grooming.
  • Orientation programs.

Rawat Nursing College is having strong determination to provide quality healthcare to assist individual with disabilities or chronic illness in restoring, maintaining and promoting health and providing healthy society. Here nurses are trained to provide care to individuals without discrimation. College prepares professionally competent nurses who provide primitive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.

Rawat Nursing College keeps vision of healthy and ideal society where humanity will be served without any discrimation with innovative nursing practices, education, research and advocacy.