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Nursing foundation lab is one which makes the imagination of hospital set up, and the students can study the procedures and all the things on dummy with the help of clinical instructors. These will help the students to reduce the stress and fear about the hospital environment.


The lab is well furnished and well ventilated with all the necessary equipments like patient beds, mattresses, bed sheets, bedside locker, linens and blankets, napkins and towels, bed cradle, cardiac table, wheel chair, stretcher, critical care unit( with O2 cylinder with flow meter, CPR dummy and Suction apparatus), different sizes procedure trays, and other instruments. And all the equipments are as per INC recognize and enough for each nursing courses.

The lab also contains the manikin of three adult male and female as well as one new born. There is one dummy of hand with visible veins which is using to study the procedure of introducing IV cannula.

There are some charts prepared by the 1st year B.Sc. Nursing students like types of O2 masks, injection sites, methods of medication administration, procedure of T.P.R B.P, mobilization procedure, first aid kit, etc. The models prepared by the 1st year students are kept in the lab like emergency tray, medication administration tray, ICU set up, and Hospital set up.


The students are doing all basic nursing procedures like bed bath, CPR, IV cannula insertion, IV therapy, Hair care, etc.

They are used to study the instruments which are used in hospitals, tray set up, maintaining aseptic technique during the procedure, etc.

They are allowed to issue the articles for the procedure. This all activities are done for encouraging the students to be a functional nurse.


To acquire knowledge and skills in reducing nursing care to normal & high risk pregnant woman during antenatal and postnatal periods.

To develops skills in managing normal and high risk neonates and participate in family welfare programme.

To develop ability and skill for providing nursing care to mother and child.


We have M.C.H lab, which is well ventilated and well furnished and well equipped.

In M.C.H lab we have the manikins like newborn baby, cardio pulmonary resuscitation child, fetus delivery.

With this, models like stages of development of embryo, foot presentation, Types of spinabifida, face presentation, brow presentation, growth of the womb during pregnancy, placenta previa, stages of labour.

Also, the lab contains specimen like fibroadenoma breast, uterus and ovary, fibroid uterus, aborted fetus, fibro edema breast, and instruments like cusco’s speculum, cord cutting scissors,pelvinometer, sim’s vaginal speculum, uterine sound, ovum forcep, feotoscope.


Demonstration of procedure
Draping & positioning the patient for gynecological examination.
Antenatal assessment.
Demonstration of normal delivery.
Physical assessment of newborn.
Newborn baby bath.
Care of newborn like eye care, cord care, feeding.
To prepare posters & project related to antenatal diet, family planning, health education.
To demonstrate resuscitation of newborn.
To introduce students about instruments using for normal delivery, episiotomy and D & C, M.T.P
To make the students able to prepare sterile trays like perinea care tray, suture removal tray, forceps delivery tray, vaginal examination tray & surgical trolley.



To acquired knowledge of nutrition for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life and its application for practice of nutrition.


To describe the relationship between nutrition and health.

To describe the classification, functions, sources and recommended daily allowance of Carbohydrates.

To describe the sources, Functions, and requirements of water and electrolytes.

To describe various national programmes related to nutrition .


We have well ventilated and well furnished nutrition Lab.

We have facilities in nutrition Lab. Like glassware articles, refrigerator, Mixture, Dinner Set, DinningTable with Chair, Table met, stove, weighting machine.


To introduce students about Cookery rules and Preservation of nutrients.

To prepare and serve simple beverages and different types of foods.

To aware about principles, methods of cooking and serving.

To give knowledge regarding calculation of balance diet for different categories of peop.


Community Health Nursing is the community oriented primary health care programme and the integration of community medicine with the primary health care of individual and community .


Students render comprehensive care to the individual family and community and develop center understanding of rural community health management .


Students develop IPR with the village leaders, community and other agencies.

Students organize, assist and conduct health camp.

Students organize; assist conduct the school health and child health programme.

Students render comprehensive care to the individual family and community.

Students develops clinical skills.

Students are able to involve in community participation.


In our institute the community lab is proper equipped and well furnished with healthy environment of learning.

The labs consist of the all equipment for providing the basic care in term of primary health care like community bag, Maternity kit and others.

The lab is arranged in such a manner that the student of the nursing programme can practice the procedure and make their effective A.V aids by using various charts displayed in community health care and education programme for raising the health status of individual.

The college is providing all the necessary articles to student for their better understanding.



A comprehensive understanding of human anatomy is necessary for a carrier as a medical profession.

Medical and allied health students study the anatomy of various systems.


To describe the anatomical terms, organization of human body .

To describe the structure and function of bones, joints and muscles.

To describe the physiology of cell, tissue, membrane and glands.

To describe the bone formation and growth and movement of skeleton system.

To describe the physiology of blood and function of heart.

To describe the physiology and mechanism & digestive system.

To describe the physiology of Sensory organs &endocrine gland.

To describe the structure and function of Nervous system and sensory organs.

To describe the structure and function of Circulatory and Lymphatic System.

To describe the structure and function of Respiratory and Digestive System.


In our institute the Labs. having proper lighting and good ventilation.

The anatomy and physiology lab consist of all the equipment such as adult human articulated skeleton, adult skull, pelvic, heart with large blood vessels, eye with different section, ear with different section, full set of dis articulated adult human skeleton, specimen like gall bladder with gall stones, cyst, appendix, normal uterus, placenta, uterus and sub mucus fibroid etc…and different charts of all the systems.

The lab is well furnished in such a way that the students are able to acquire their knowledge through their different demonstration.



We have a well furnished and well ventilated computer lab.

There are thirty five computers in our lab.

There is separate cabin for staffs and students.

There are sufficient chairs and air conditioning system is available.

Internet facility is also available in our computer lab.


They are using the internet facility for reference purpose.

They improve their knowledge in the application of computer in nursing.

They improve their skills about computer.

They improve their knowledge in hospital management system.


Audio – Visual aids communicate the ideas regarding learning activities to the students is essay manner.

A.V. Aids lab is opened for the students with latest equipment of LCD Projector, computer, laptop, TV, OHP, DVD player, Camera, Tape recorder, charts, models, posters and different types of boards which can provide high-tech educational media to support the teaching-learning activities of the students. The audiovisual aids lab is equipped with models, posters and charts prepared by the students.


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